Breath of Life Ministries OF AIWP


Breath of Life Ministries is a local outreach of the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. This ministry sponsors retreats, programs, courses, and individual and couple spiritual counseling aimed at accessing the deepest levels of Spirit.

Spirit is often expressed through the world’s various religions, rituals, and traditions. In our work, we use all these avenues to remain open to the Mysteries of Life. Life breathing, pulsating, vibrating. Life manifesting as Mystery.

Breath of Life Ministries takes advantage of each participant’s unique experience of Life and of Spirit. Whatever the religious background or current expression of faith, participants are asked to look beyond the forms and rituals to the deepest experience of the Mystery of Life. 

Through various processes and activities, participants are given opportunity to venture deep into the meaning of Life and Living. 

Through times of quiet and times of activity, Life is explored and new possibilities are awakened. Each program or activity is crafted to give each participant opportunities to deepen his or her understanding of Life as an expression of Spirit alive and active in this world.

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AIWP Credo:

LOVE OF LIFE and people is achieved through an integrated awakening of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional processes. Life itself is a religious experience as realized in the temple of my being. I am performing a religious service when my thoughts and deeds involve an affirmation of life. My congregation is both myself and those who seek my support in striving towards an integration of the whole person. To serve others, for fee or gratuity, who seek my assistance in the pursuit of this religious experience is both my commitment and my right, free from any persecution. My service is supported by the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person in agreement of principles with the Constitution of the United States. Membership in the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person will be denied or revoked if I interfere with or injure the rights of others, perform criminal acts, or practice medicine without a license. My service, whether for fee or gratuity, is limited to the areas for which I have been qualified.