George Moscona


I founded Breath of Life Ministries in 1976 and Spirit of Life Institute in 1999, and have been actively engaged in spiritual counseling for more than thirty years. I have supported thousands by facilitating workshops and guiding people individually, or with their loved ones, in counseling. I have an MA in counseling from Goddard College and an MRE in religious education from Loyola University. I have been an ordained minister of the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person since 1975. I have studied many types of counseling and spiritual approaches and practices. I draw upon these as I support my clients in the unfolding of their lives into a greater and greater sense of joy and fulfillment. I now live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I am the director of Casa de Vida Retreat Center.


Opening Up to Spirit…
Honoring the Great Mystery, the Great Spirit.
Honoring the multitude of expressions –
We celebrate Life through song, dance, conversation, work and action.
We honor the gifts of Life and Life-giving.
Our voices in song and speech.
Our bodies in movement, gestures, work and postures.
Our minds in thought and contemplation.
Our emotions in a full range of expression.
Our actions in response to Life’s challenges.
Flowing in and out
Giving and receiving
Unfolding, yielding
Allowing, grasping
Vital energy
Unique vibration
Ways to be of service
Ways to elicit Spirit
Ways to honor Life